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Cine Sony

Cine Sony | TV Branding 


Cine Sony is the segment in Canal Sony devoted entirely to movies. The client idea was to create a world similar to that of a scale model. Its special trait came up when we added real elements at a large scale, elements that had nothing to do with the specific environment of each scene.


I was working as part of the in-house team at 2veinte Studio as Art Director. And in this piece, I did Design, Shading, Lighting and Rendering.



Creative Directior: Pablo Gostanian
Executive Director: Agustin Valcarenghi
Art Director: Diego Flores Diapolo
Lead Animation: Daniel Di Paola
Design: Diego Flores Diapolo, Mariano Abel, Juan Coria, Santiago Medina.
Animation: Daniel Di Paola, Juan Coria
Character and modelling: Mateo Vallejo
Lighting & Rendering: Diego Flores Diapolo
Compositing & Postproduction: Daniel Di Paola
Producer: Geraldine Chaia Arazi, Carolina L’Avena Lamberti
Music (reel): Break of Dawn – Breakbot (not for commercial use)

Sony Latam
Creative Director: Sergio Moreno
Art Coordinator: Elisa Ruiz
Producers: Andrea Garcia, Diana Moreno